What is a metapage?

A metapage is a webpage that consists of embedded and connected webpages.

Embedded webpages are called metaframes. A metaframe can be any webpage that runs a small piece of javascript code that creates data pipes.

An example metapage showing two metaframes passing characters back and forth:

Why would you want to do this?

Browsers are an ideal platform to distribute applications: they are readily available, HTML/Javascript/CSS will run the same on all browsers, updates are trivial to push, and they are quite performant.

A website can crunch data, show interactive plots and graphics, allow sophisticated user interaction. In other words, all manner of useful things.

When you have somethine like a website that is specialized and does something well, eventually people want to combine useful pieces into a bigger whole.

These are metapages.

How do I create a metapage?

See the docs for more detailed documentation.